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Vertical Filament Spool Parts Drawer (Customizable)

Vertical Filament Spool Parts Drawer (Customizable)

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This is an customizable OpenSCAD version of the Vertical Filament Spool Parts Drawer (

The grand tradition of turning empty spools into storage boxes continues! This design flips the standard on its side to create space for a larger number of small removable bins.

Combine this design with the OpenSCAD stand for extra protection against spills from unlocked bins!

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  • Can be customized to fit more spool sizes
  • New lid option
  • New handle optionals
  • Snappier locks
What is this? Where are the STL files?


This is an OpenSCAD project.

OpenSCAD is a free script-based modeling program that can be used to generate custom STL files with zero programming knowledge.

You can also use MakerBot's online Customizer tool (button located near the top right corner of the page), but I have not had much luck with that myself.

Printing and Installation Tips


  • First print one of the guides first to make sure it's the right size. This will save printing lots of bins that don't fit.

  • After printing the guide, print one bin and one set of locks to dial in the lock tolerance. Altering the lock tolerance option only changes the lock pieces, so you will NOT need to re-print the bin each time.

  • Locks can be printed with 0 percent infill.

  • Locks are installed after printing. Just angle them in long end first.

  • Glueing the guide rails is recommended, but optional. If you do glue, test fit the fully assembled drawer first.

  • Rotate the 2 guides so the split in the ring are on opposite sides of the bin - that way they reinforce each other.
Verified Spool Configurations


NOTE: spool sizes may not be perfectly consistent.

Fillamentum 500g Spool
Outer Diameter: 200mm
Inner Diameter: 108mm
Inner Width: 44mm

Hatchbox 1kg Spool
Outer Diameter: 200mm
Inner Diameter: 80mm
Inner Width: 61mm

Prusament 1kg Spool
Outer Diameter: 200mm
Inner Diameter: 100mm
Inner Width: 58mm

Printed Solid 1kg Spool
Outer Diameter: 200mm
Inner Diameter: 92mm
Inner Width: 64mm


May 26 2021
New version supports printing no-lock bins and defaults to a lower resolution for faster initial rendering. The original version has been tagged "Archived Version 1".


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