PrusaSlicer 2.6 New Features

PrusaSlicer is one of the most popular slicers in the world of FDM 3D printing. The newest version of PrusaSlicer, version 2.6, is now available and packs some exciting new features and improvements. Here are the most interesting updates to the slicer...

Organic Supports

There is nothing worse than having to painstakingly remove support material from a 3D print. Traditional 'grid' supports can be extremely difficult to remove. Recently, many slicers have implemented tree supports, which is a significant improvement over regular grid supports. Tree supports are already a huge improvement compared to the old grid supports, but Prusa has decided to take it one step further. They developed and further improved upon tree supports, which they have named 'Organic Supports'. But what makes organic supports better than tree supports? Prusa's organic supports offer smarter branching that is smoother and guaranteed to be circular, making supports even easier to remove.

Text Embossing Tool

PrusaSlicer 2.6 makes it easier than ever to add text to your 3D models directly in the slicer. The text can even follow curved surfaces, simply by dragging it onto the object's surface.

Improved Cut Tool

While PrusaSlicer has had a cut tool for a very long time, Prusa has added some very useful new functionality. You can now cut the model at any angle and choose which parts of the model you wish to cut. Another neat feature is the ability to cut an object, yet keep it in its original position in the slicer, rather than placing the newly cut piece on the build plate. This is useful if you are printing with a multi-tool printer. Additionally, you can now add various types of connector pieces such as dowels or pins, as well as control the size of these connectors.

Measurement Tool

In PrusaSlicer 2.6, you can now measure your object directly within the slicer.

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