3D Printer Academy Youtube Channel:

Discover cool 3D printing builds dive into an exciting world where education meets entertainment. On this channel I create stunning 3D printing builds, teaching you about 3D printing, engineering, and science. Join me as we create some really cool things.

'3D Printer Academy' Youtube Channel

3D Printer Academy - Tutorials

On this channel you can find free 3D printing tutorials and guides. We are everything from learning 3D modeling using Blender, learning CAD design with Fusion 360, and general 3D printing tip and tricks.

'3D Printer Academy - Tutorials' Youtube Channel

3DPA Practical Prints

A YouTube channel that is 100% dedicated to practical prints applicable in the real world. No trinkets or plastic toys here! Only seriously practical prints are featured. Get inspired and see how truly practical 3D printing can be.

'3DPA Practical Prints' Youtube Channel

Printer Reviews

A YouTube channel that is 100% dedicated to reviewing 3D printers and 3D printing related products. Find the perfect 3D printer for your needs.

3D Printer Reviews