3D Print Farm Simulator

(V0.11 alpha beta prototype) (Desktop only)

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Patch Notes:
V0.02 added launch screen and confirmation before purchasing 3d printer
V0.03 added 3d random chance 3d printer failures
V0.04 added music and sound effects
V0.05 implemented first 3 upgrades
V0.06 fixed mouse click registering through buttons, added fourth upgrade (7/5/22)
V0.07 fixed mouse blocker glitch, added fifth upgrade, started implementing monthly recaps (7/6/22)
V0.08 added filament management and supply chain simulation (7/7/22)
V0.09 added shelf organization upgrade (7/7/22)
V0.10 implemented and refined gameplay progression, fixed button mouse blocker glitch, added more upgrades. (7/8/22)
V0.11 added hints, doubled the game speed, and added a button to mute music (7/31/22)

This game is in testing / beta phase. If you encounter any bugs / glitches, please comment below:

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Every time i relaunch my web browser and open the game website again, i have to restart and i lose all of my progress


I added “hints” at the beginning of the game to help alleviate any confusion about how to fulfill orders and buy more filament.
3D Printer Academy

Steven - 3D Printer Academy

i left the game for 15 mins and i cant buy filament

no one

I don’t know if it’s a bug or what, But when I do a specific upgrade, the upgrade button stays on the screen in the bottom right even though I’ve already upgraded it and the relevant buttons do appear in the top left. For example, I can purchase “Shelf organization” over and over and pay $700 every time, and each subsequent purchase does nothing. Same with “Automatic reload filament” and others.


Cannot print just see a black square over printer

Stephen Dorschner

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