3D Print Farm Simulator

(V0.08 alpha beta prototype) (Desktop only)

Hey everyone, I made a small 3d printer simulator game. It's in the super bare bones beta stage of development, but I thought I'd put it up on my website for people to try out and provide feedback. All feedback is welcome! -Steven

Patch Notes:
V0.02 added launch screen and confirmation before purchasing 3d printer
V0.03 added 3d random chance 3d printer failures
V0.04 added music and sound effects
V0.05 implemented first 3 upgrades
V0.06 fixed mouse click registering through buttons, added fourth upgrade (7/5/22)
V0.07 fixed mouse blocker glitch, added fifth upgrade, started implementing monthly recaps (7/6/22)
V0.08 added filament management and supply chain simulation (7/7/22)
V0.09 added shelf organization upgrade (7/7/22)
V0.10 implemented and refined gameplay progression, fixed button mouse blocker glitch, added more upgrades. (7/8/22)


If you find a bug, glitch, or spelling error, let me know in the comment section below.

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This game is in testing / beta phase. If you encounter any bugs / glitches, please comment below:

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Upgrades that I have previously bought reappear. Some are able to be bought again and disappear, but others, such as the organization upgrade, are unable to be bought again to remove them. This deducts money as well.


You can print things into the inventory even when the shelf is full and cant sell them


on increase fulfilment it says 8,00 not 8,000


Is this game fully working on mobile

Ned Mcmahon

where it is suposed to be the printer ita apears a black box and i cant print things


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