3D Printer (Farm) Simulator

(V0.06 alpha beta prototype) (Desktop only)

Hey everyone, I made a small 3d printer simulator game. It's in the super bare bones beta stage of development, but I thought I'd put it up on my website for people to try out and provide feedback. All feedback is welcome! -Steven

Patch Notes:
V0.02 added launch screen and confirmation before purchasing 3d printer
V0.03 added 3d random chance 3d printer failures
V0.04 added music and sound effects
V0.05 implemented first 3 upgrades
V0.06 fixed mouse click registering through buttons, added fourth upgrade (7/5/22)

(It takes some time for the game to update to the newest version. The game only works on desktop (maybe it works on android?))


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This game is in testing / beta phase. If you encounter any bugs / glitches, please comment below!