My Story

Hi there!

My name is Steven and I am the founder of 3D Printer Academy. I have a passion for creating unique and interesting objects with my desktop 3D printer. I started sharing my designs on social media platforms like YouTube, and Instagram. They gained a lot of attention and inspired me to create 3D Printer Academy, a place where anyone can learn how to make almost anything from the convenience of their own home. I offer comprehensive paid courses, free lessons, helpful articles, and exclusive STL designs.


Since starting 3D Printer Academy, I have had thousands of satisfied students take my 3D printing courses. My students have been able to learn the skills and techniques needed to create a wide range of unique and interesting objects using their own desktop 3D printers. I am proud to have been able to help so many people discover the joys of 3D printing and to have played a role in helping them bring their creative ideas to life.


Thank you for visiting,


Owner of 3D Printer Academy