How to Design Your Own Things

  • Blender:

    Open source. Insanely capable. Difficult learning curve. Blender is a free and open souce 3d modeling program. It is possible to design practically anything with Blender, but its strength is in non-mechanical designs such as terrains, props, miniatures, and table-top gaming accessories. You can also use Blender to design simple practical designs, jigs, templates, or home decor items.


    Blender is for you if you want to design:

    - Decorative things

    - Toys and Trinkets

    - Table Top Gaming Accessories

    - Simple Functional Things


  • Fusion 360:

    Professional. Easy to use. Fusion 360 is a commercial computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering software application. It is fairly easy to learn how to use and moderately intuitive. Fusion 360 can be used to easily make gears and other mechanical designs. It is free for personal use for 1 year and costs around $500/yr for a professional license.


    Fusion360 is for you if you want to design:

    - Mechanical things

    - Dimensionally accurate parts

    - Advanced assemblies

    - Complex Functional Things