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3D Printer Academy

Blender Sculpting - 4-Week Bootcamp

Blender Sculpting - 4-Week Bootcamp

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There are many great 3d models available to download online for 3d printing, however having the ability to design your own objects opens a whole new world of opportunities for 3d printing. This is what makes 3d printing really powerful: being able to think of something you want to create, and being able to make it in the real world.


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Blender is a very power 3d modeling program that is free and open source. It is the perfect program to learn if you want to design your own things for both FDM and resin 3d printing

This course will take you from scratch to having the skills to design almost anything and will take you through all of the most important features / tools that Blender has to offer. This course is very interactive and it features weekly challenges.


Course Instructor: Steven Wolfe

Owner of 3D Printer Academy

Youtube Creator with 235k Subscribers

Product Designer - Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Founder of 3D Printer Academy LLC


Online Course Reviews:

Phillip Crawford on Aug 20, 2022

Once I started watching your vids I could not stop. I started the weekend with very limited 3D modeling skills and Saturday night I printed my own model prototype (a bracket used in farming to raise and lower a plough. PS. I did not even know what it was but going from a sketch, to a model, to the physical object in my hand… its feel like a kid again stuff)) This has been an exceedingly satisfying experience. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in these types of designs.


Kirk Quesnelle on Jan 23, 2023

This course is very good. I've taken a few so far and this one is one of the best I've seen. Everything is small chunks and makes for a great learning experience in terms of retention. Having a lot of fun learning with this instructor and this course!! A+


John on Feb 25, 2023

"Steve and team have done a great job. I haven’t finished the boot camp, however I am not new to Steve’s teaching.

I have recommended courses to many people I talk to looking to get into 3d printing.

The lessons are broken up into session - with captions as well.

When I had questions about Fusion 360 - Steve responded very quickly. Thanks again for another great training."


Daniel on Feb 25, 2023

"I enjoyed the bootcamp a lot. I’m new to Fusion 360 although not new to CAD in general. I found it a valuable learning method and my only complaint would be it’s not long enough. There’s so much more to learn. Good tips along the way to assist with 3D printing design."


Adrian on Feb 23, 2023

This is exactly what I needed. After finishing this course I feel like I have enough to start playing with the program and making stuff. I've gone through other tutorials that inundated you with every aspect of the program but I needed one that just focused on how to model for 3D printing. This is exactly what I got in this series. Thanks!


Rodney Croker on Feb 4, 2023

Overall though one of the best courses ever! Great Job!


Sari Warren on Feb 3, 2023

Haven’t gotten that far into it yet, but what I have seen the instructor seems very knowledgeable, and is doing a great job explaining all the aspects of the software.


I look forward to having you in this course,

Happy designing and 3d printing!


Owner of 3D Printer Academy

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