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The Singularity | Galaxy Marble Machines

The Singularity | Galaxy Marble Machines

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Physical Product

This marble machine 3d prints in one piece. No need to make any adjustments. Just import file into your slicer at 100% scale, slice, and send to 3d printer. 

(We use oxidizing agents to give the copper PLA filament a nice blueish-green patina.)

The automatic marble machine is powered by one 5V DC motor and a drive gear mechanism.



Material: PLA

Extruder Temp: 200

Bed Temp: 50-60

Layer Height: 0.2-0.28mm

Print Speed: 50mm/s

Supports: No supports needed. 


 Hardware Needed:

Hardware for the Machine:  

DC Motors:​ 

Metal Rods:​ 

Ball Bearings:​ 

Power Adapters:

DC Switch:

USB Cable:​ 



Soldering Iron:

I recommend these filaments:  

Copper Filament:

Multi-Colored Filament:

Black and White Filament Combo Pack:​ 

Printed on an Ender 3. (Great 3d printer and can't buy enough of them) #addictive

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