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Drywall Screw Anchor

Drywall Screw Anchor

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3D print your own drywall anchors for less than 5 cents each! Designed to work best with #6 x 2" (5.08cm) drywall screws.

Print with 100% infill.

How to use:

1. Pre-drill a 10mm (25/64" preferred or 3/8" will work) hole in drywall.

2. Press fit anchor into wall until flush

3. Use #6 coarse threaded drywall screws (2" length) 



3DPA rated up to 12.5kg or 27lbs

(Ultimate Strength Safety Factor = 4.0)

(Yield Strength Safety Factor = 2.4)


See it in action:

Strength test:


*use at your own risk.*

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