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3D Printer Academy

Fusion 360 | Design For 3D Printing | 4-Week Bootcamp

Fusion 360 | Design For 3D Printing | 4-Week Bootcamp

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Online Class Info:

  • Learn and level up the skills you need to design your own models for 3D printing using Fusion 360, a powerful 3d modeling software application that is free for personal use.
  • Feel comfortable tackling both simple or complicated multi-part designs by learning and practicing the core features of Fusion 360.
  • Easily and efficiently design your own unique creations from the initial idea stage to a complete finished working model.
  • Guaranteed to level-up your design skills is just 4 weeks (1-2 hour time commitment per week.)

What is "Fusion 360 Bootcamp?"

An online learning experience where you receive weekly video lessons and assignments over the span of 4-weeks.

It is designed to be a more condensed and efficient way to learn 3D modeling. The automated weekly video lessons and assignments will help you stay motivated.

This is not just a 'regular' online class where you passively watch videos. It is an interactive experience where you receive personalized video lessons emailed directly to your inbox weekly with an accessible time commitment of 1-2 hours per week.


You don't need to have any experience with 3D modeling to take this course. It's made for people who are new to 3D modeling and for people who already have some experience with it. So, no matter what your level is, you can still learn a lot from this course.

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Create your own desktop organizer (4+ lessons)

Week 2: Design a custom bird house (4+ lessons)

Week 3: Create your own mechanical gears (4+ lessons)

Week 4: Design your own custom adapters 2 different ways (4+ lessons)


Sample Lessons:

Lesson 1: Fusion 360 Bootcamp Intro

Lesson 2: About the Course & Downloading Fusion 360 

Lesson 3: Fusion 360 Basics


How it works: 

1. The 4-week bootcamp begins immediately after you sign up.

2. You will receive weekly emails with your video lessons, assignments, and projects.

3. After completing the final project, you receive a certificate of completion and your final project will be reviewed.

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