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LightSpeed | Galaxy Marble Machines

LightSpeed | Galaxy Marble Machines

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LightSpeed is a ready to 3d print marble machine that utilizes a unique magnetic launching system unlike anything else.

Lightspeed is a cutting-edge 3D printed marble machine that utilizes a revolutionary magnetic launching system. Unlike any other marble machine on the market, this innovative design allows for smooth and precise launching of the marbles. The magnetic launching mechanism works similarly to a Gaussian launcher and Newton's cradle, providing a unique and captivating experience for users. To truly understand the mechanics of this marble machine and the capabilities of the magnetic launching system, we recommend watching the video linked below. Lightspeed is ready to be 3D printed and assembled, providing an exciting and engaging experience right out of the 3D printer.

How it works:

--- Includes ---
Ready to print STL files.
No Supports Needed (results may vary)


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that 3D printing results can vary due to factors such as printer models, slicer settings, and materials used. It is normal for there to be slight variations in prints, even when printing the same model multiple times. With 3D printing, it is to be expected that there may be imperfections, as this is the nature of the printing process. While I make every effort to ensure that my models are compatible with a wide range of 3D printers, it is possible that some prints may not work as intended. However, most issues can be resolved by adjusting slicer settings or re-printing, and in some cases, slight modifications to the printed parts using tools such as sandpaper, hot glue, or a soldering iron may be necessary.

--- Hardware List ---
DC Motors:​
Metal Rods: 3mm x 25mm

Power Adapters:​
DC Switch:​
USB Cable:​
Soldering Iron:

--- Setup Instructions ---

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