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Patreon Bundle (New STLs Monthly)

Patreon Bundle (New STLs Monthly)

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Each month I upload a new set of at least 15 custom curated original STLs, replacing the previous months designs. Become a Patron to access this bundle for free with your Patreon subscription.

Patreon perks:

1. COMMERCIAL LICENSE - As an ACTIVE supporter, you will have a Commercial License to legally sell PHYSICAL prints of any of the designs. UPON CANCELLATION of the subscription, THIS COMMERCIAL LICENSE EXPIRES. Digital files cannot be modified, shared, resold or listed for free.

2. FREE DESIGNS - Each month I upload a new set of at least 15 custom curated original STLs on Patreon, replacing the previous months designs. As a new member, you will have access to these designs as I create them. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE LIBRARY FROM PREVIOUS MONTHS, as this would not be fair to previous patrons. However, all the files you want are available for sale at:

3. EARLY ACCESS - You will have a 3+ Day Early Access period before each design gets released to the public!

4. PATREON EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS - Each month, we will release one (1) or more unique designs to the supporter community. These drawings will be on Patreon and all new supporters will have access - These projects can be a modification of an existing project or a completely new project.

5. 40% DISCOUNT on You get a special discount code that you can use for all other paid digital items, including all premium STLs, e-books, online courses and more.

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