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Print-a-Kit | 3D Printable Science & Engineering Kits (5 Part Bundle)

Print-a-Kit | 3D Printable Science & Engineering Kits (5 Part Bundle)

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A new way to experience science and engineering for all ages.

What is Print-A-Kit?

3D printable STL kits and exclusive videos that let you experience some of the coolest engineering principles.

Print-A-Kit is a new way to learn and experience engineering in a fun way for all ages. Each month, you receive an email directly to your inbox with all the STLs needed to 3D print your own engineering kit.

*Digital STL files for 3D Printing. Patent Pending.*

How Does it Work?

  1. STLs for each kit are delivered to your email inbox once a month.
  2. Download the STLs and start printing!
  3. Watch the exclusive videos that describe the cool engineering principles featured with each kit. 
  4. Each kit introduces you to a really cool engineering concept. 

5 Unique STL Kits for 3D Printing:

  1. 01 - Insane Gear Ratios
  2. 02 - The Design of Train Wheels is Genius
  3. 03 - Projectile Motion 
  4. 04 - Cool things about Automobiles
  5. 05 - Engineering 01

(*exact kits subject to change)

Who is Print-A-Kit for?

Print-A-Kit is for anyone who enjoys making things and for those of you who love to learn how things work. The 5 unique kits are designed to be enjoyed by all ages.

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