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Scutoid Shape - 3D Model

Scutoid Shape - 3D Model

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UPDATE: This model now makes a PAIR of packable Scutoids, and you can customize various properties and dimensions. In most cases the pair will have two identical pieces that pack together exactly.

There's a new shape in town!

In a new article Scutoids are a geometrical solution to three-dimensional packing of epithelia in the journal Nature, a group of scientists just introduced a new shape that they have dubbed a "Scutoid". Read more at Hacktastic.

This model is CUSTOMIZABLE: Click on the "Open in Customizer" button to get started, then change parameters to suit your needs.

Or, download the demo model, which is particularly nice. A hollow version of the demo model is also included for download. Check out a video of the model at To learn more about scutoids and their shape, watch Matt Parker's excellent explainer and construction video at


Available under CC license - Attribution, Non-commercial 

by mathgrrl July 28, 2018

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