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The Magnificent Marble Machine

The Magnificent Marble Machine

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Get ready to be mesmerized, wowed, and impressed with the ultimate DIY experience!

The Magnificent Marble Machine utilizes a clever threaded connector design. This allows different sections of the machine to be screwed together quickly and securely, without the need for specialized tools or fasteners. Additionally, this clever connector design can also make it easy to take the machine apart for convienent storage.

Chain drive
Stair stepper lift
2 Planetary gear lifts
1 Mini lift
Modular design
Switch track
Cam shaft timed ball ramp
Easy threaded track connectors
No tools needed for assembly

Over 150+ Individual STL pieces

This 3D printed marble machine features a chain drive that uses a series of interconnected gears and chains to move the marbles through the machine. It also includes a stair stepper lift that uses a series of steps for the marble to climb to reach the next level of the machine. Furthermore, it has 2 planetary gear lifts and 1 mini lift which are used to elevate the marble to different levels, adding to the complexity of the machine.

This marble machine is easy to assemble and disassemble with easy threaded track connectors, which allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the machine without the need for any tools. Overall, these features make this 3D printed marble machine more complex, engaging, yet satisfying to use.


Prints without supports | No screws or metal rods needed
The Magnificent Marble Machine is 100% 3D printed. That's right! No additional hardware such as screws, bolts, etc is needed. Of course, if you want the electric motor powered version, you will need this 60 RPM 12V electic motor and a 12V power source.

You can even opt to use a handle instead of an electric motor. If you choose to print the hand cranked version, the only additional components you'll need to purchase are the 9.5mm ball bearings.

60 RPM 12V electic motor (optional): ~$15 USD
12V power source (optional): ~$6-12 USD
9.5mm ball bearings: $10 USD

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