Time-Lapse Rig for Ender 3

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Custom time-lapse rig for the Creality Ender 3. (Lesson available soon)

How it works:

The time lapse rig consists of a bracket for a bluetooth camera trigger and a button pusher that attaches to the extruder. (Camera trigger link is below).

The button pusher pushes the camera trigger button, taking a picture between each layer.

Custom g-code is needed to tell the printer how far to move to press the camera trigger button between every layer. 

The pictures are then compiled into a video to make it appear that the object is being printed out of thin air. 



Attach bluetooth button trigger to the Ender 3 cross beam (the x-axis beam) with the two two belt tension screws.

Attach button pusher behind the fan on the extruder.


*More instructions coming soon*