When does the Creality K1 Max come out?

When does the Creality K1 Max Come out?

Introducing the Creality K1 Max

There is currently a new wave of 3D printers hitting the market: ultra-fast Core XY FDM 3D printers. But what is a Core XY 3D printer? Basically, a Core XY 3D printer doesn't have a moving build plate, compared to many popular 3D printers like the Ender 3, which is sometimes called a "bed slinger" due to the fact that the Y-axis, or the entire build plate, moves back and forth while printing.

What are the best ultra-fast Core XY 3D printers?

There currently aren't many options when it comes to ultra-fast FDM 3D printers. Bambu Lab has recently taken the world by storm with their Bambu Lab X1 Carbon, Bambu Lab P1P, and P1S. However, Creality, the company behind the world's best-selling 3D printer, the Creality Ender 3, is striking back hard with its response to the Bambu Lab P1P. Creality has two new ultra-fast 3D printers:

  • The Creality K1
  • The Creality K1 Max

What makes the Creality K1 Max special?

The Creality K1 is the first fully pre-assembled large-format, ultra-fast, Core XY 3D printer. Many Bambu Lab fans have been asking for a printer with a larger build volume, but we have yet to see Bambu Lab announce such a printer. Creality seems to have beaten Bambu Lab to the punch with their K1 Max, which, as of writing, comes out in just a couple of days.


 Updated 7/12/2023 7:12 PM

The K1 will be available to order in:

Are the Creality Machines a Better Value?

We have yet to determine who the winner is when it comes to these new ultra-fast Core XY 3D printers, and there may never be an official "winner." The market for 3D printers is growing so fast that there is plenty of room for competitors. The good thing is that this competition is forcing companies to make their 3D printers better and better.

The Biggest Negative to Ultra-Fast Printing

These new fast printers are great; however, there is one major downside: noise levels. Both the Creality K1 printers and the Bambu Lab 3D printer are very loud. They are loud enough to warrant wearing noise-canceling headphones or putting the printers in a different room. Hopefully, in the future, both companies are able to solve the issue with the printers' noise levels.

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