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Thread Boards Complete Bundle | Threaded Peg Board STLs (V1.5)

Thread Boards Complete Bundle | Threaded Peg Board STLs (V1.5)

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The original threaded peg board with threaded screws and threaded pegs that you can 3D print and customize to your heart's desire. The original Thread Boards by 3D Printer Academy. 

More than 600 STLs Files.

Organize anything with our innovative threaded peg boards and massive catalog of accessories designed specifically for 3D printing. Over 600 STL files.

The 3D Printable Organization System for Everyone.

(over 2500 units sold! See our Assembly Instructions 

Thread Boards a new product that helps you organize your stuff in a fun and easy way. Think of it as a super cool peg board that you can hang on your wall. With Thread Boards, you can easily store all your things in one place and find them whenever you need them.

*Digital STL files for 3D Printing. Patent Pending.*


Thread Boards Includes:

All the essentials to get you started with Thread Boards. Over 600+ STL files including:

- Threaded Panels (All sizes and variations)
- Screw Pack (All sizes and variations)
- Organizer Pack (All sizes and variations)
- Cable Organizer Pack
- Marble Run
- Shelves and Brackets
- Letters (Multiple Fonts and Styles)

Assembly Instructions


***100% Satisfaction Guaranteed***

See Thread Boards in action:

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