When Does the Prusa XL Come Out?

When the Prusa XL was announced back in November 2021, it generated a lot of hype. In the past, all Prusa printers have been cartesian “bed slinger” machines, which are often criticized for their limitations in terms of print size and speed, however a new design approach was utilized with the Prusa XL as it adopted a CoreXY motion system.

Prusa XL

This seemed like a massive step forwards - this will allow users to print far faster without losing any print accuracy. Combine this with Prusa’s reputation for high quality products and fantastic customer support and this seemed like the ideal printer, despite its high price of $1999.

Pre-orders opened up on the day the printer was announced, with a targeted release date of Q2/Q3 2022 - but this target was never met. Due to global supply chain issues of electronic components, Prusa was not able to get the parts they needed to meet their goal. After facing numerous delays, the first few units of the Prusa XL began to ship in March 2023 to preorder holders.

There is a long waiting list, and any orders put in at the time of writing (July 2023) will be processed at the end of 2023.

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