Supplies Needed for FDM 3D Printing

Hex drivers, screw drivers, complete tool set (for 3D printer building, fixing, maintenance)

Flush cutters (for support removal and flush cutting needs. This is the infamous tool that is found in almost all 3D printer kits)

Thin metal scraper (for build plate cleanup and part removal)

Micro SD cards and adapters (for file transfer and g-code storage)

Glue sticks (for improving bed adhesion)

Dish soap / detergent (for safely cleaning all types of build plates)

Digital calipers (for measuring parts, printer calibration and design)

Deburring tool (for post processing 3D prints)

Digital scale (for weighing 3D printed parts for shipping)

Spare nozzles and parts (3D printers can be fickle so it is important to keep spare parts on hand in case something breaks)

Hot glue and super glue (for fixing failed prints)


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