Best Bed Slinger: Bambu Lab A1

"Bambu Lab has just released its newest 3D printer: the Bambu Lab A1. It has a similar form factor to its 'little brother', the A1 Mini. This high-speed, multi-color capable 3D printer comes in at a reasonable $399 USD, making it a very appealing option for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

 Pros and Cons

Pros: The main selling points of the Bambu Lab A1 are its print speed, ease of use, print quality, and affordable price point. The Bambu Lab A1 also features a 256mm x 256mm x 256mm build volume, which is significantly larger than that of the A1 Mini, measuring 180mm x 180mm x 180mm.

Cons: The biggest downsides to this 3D printer are the lack of an enclosure, the bulky AMS Lite (Automatic Material System), and the purge-flinger. When using the AMS Lite with the A1, for every color swap, the 3D printer has to 'purge' the previous color. This purge material is literally flung off the side of the printer.

Should You Get This 3D Printer?

If you are looking for a high-quality, budget-friendly 3D printer with a larger build volume, and you mainly print with PLA, and you don't mind the lack of an enclosure, then the Bambu Lab A1 might just be the printer for you. Bambu Lab printers are very easy to use and just work.

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