BREAKING: Bambu Lab X1E - New Professional Grade 3D Printer

New: Bambu Lab X1E - Everything You Need to Know

The Bambu Lab X1E is a professional-grade 3D printer that offers secure printing via LAN and Ethernet, advanced air filtration, a heated chamber for improved print quality, and the ability to print at higher temperatures for specialized materials.

Target Audience:

If you're a professional or someone involved in engineering applications looking for a top-tier 3D printer, the Bambu Lab X1E is tailored for you. Whether you prioritize secure connectivity, exceptional air filtration, a heated chamber for unmatched print quality, or the ability to print using advanced materials, this model has you covered. Its features are perfect for those who demand reliability and high performance in their work. You can purchase the X1E on the Bambu Lab official website

Connection Options:

Newly added Ethernet port ensures stable network communication in various environments. WPA2-Enterprise Authentication Wi-Fi connection supports EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS, and TAP-TTLS. Individual kill switches for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet for enhanced security.

What does all this mean in simple terms? The X1E has an Ethernet port for better internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi security system and comes with on-off switches for both Wi-Fi and the plug connection to make sure your printing is safe and private.

Operation Modes:

The Bambu Lab X1E can function without Bambu Cloud Service, operating fully within a local network. Also, remote control of the X1E is possible via LAN without needing an Internet connection.

Air Filtration:

Combination of G3 pre-filter, H12 HEPA filter, and coconut shell activated carbon filter. This provides effective filtration of particulates and VOCs, reducing odors during printing.

Temperature Control:

Active heating system with a controlled chamber temperature up to 60°C (140°F).
Improves print quality for materials susceptible to warping like ABS and PC.

Nozzle Temperature:

Can reach up to 320°C (608°F). Suitable for high-performance materials such as PPA-CF/GF PPS and PPS-CF.

Motion System:

Uses robust CoreXY system with carbon-fiber rods.
Achieves toolhead acceleration of 20,000 mm/s² and a maximum travel speed of 500 mm/s. The lightweight design allows for faster acceleration and reduces overall print time.

Price: $2499 USD

The Bambu Lab X1E is the highest priced 3D printer in their impressive lineup.

Bambu Lab X1E Verdict:

The Bambu Lab X1E is not just another 3D printer in the market—it's a culmination of innovation and precision. Tailored especially for professionals and those in engineering fields, it promises a seamless experience, from secure and stable connectivity options to top-of-the-line features like advanced air filtration, temperature controls, and rapid motion systems. By offering the ability to print with high-temperature materials and ensuring secure operations without the need for external cloud services, the X1E stands out as a reliable tool for those who demand the best in their craft. Whether you're embarking on a complex engineering project or just looking for a trustworthy printing companion, the Bambu Lab X1E is a sound investment into the future of your creations. 

You can purchase the X1E on the Bambu Lab official website. 


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