Introducing: the Bambu Lab A1 Mini

As the latest entry-level product, the mission of the Bambu Lab A1 mini is to bring high- end, state-of-the-art features to beginners, ultimately attracting more people to the world of 3D printing.

The A1 mini and AMS lite combo is priced at $459 USD.
The A1 mini is priced at $299 USD, and AMS lite is priced at $249 USD.

Main Selling Points:

• 4-color capability
• Full-auto calibration
Active flow rate compensation

• Build volume of 180*180*180 mm3
Active motor noise cancellation
• Fully assembled right out of the bo


1.Easy to setup and use

Pre-assembled, pre-squared, pre-tuned. There is no need to assemble or adjust the printer; the A1 mini works right out of the box. 

It handles all calibrations automatically. Before every print, the A1 mini automatically calibrates the Z-offset, bed level, and X & Y axis vibration resonance. It is equipped with an innovative nozzle pressure sensor to automatically calibrate the flow dynamics (similar to pressure advance).

The all-new touchscreen UI is simple and intuitive. An IPS touchscreen makes the operation as smooth as a smartphone. The system guides people through all the steps and accurately assists with any issues using the HMS system.

With the all-new MakerWorld platform, the A1 mini can load preset print files in the 3mf format and start printing with just one click.

2.Make Multi-color 3D Printing More Accessible

The AMS lite provides an elegant and simple solution for multi-material 3D printing. It supports up to 4 colors when used with the A1 mini. Compared to its predecessor, the AMS lite has fewer parts and exposes all the maintenance-intensive parts, making it more reliable and maintenance-friendly. For example, it is super easy to remove a snapped filament from the PTFE tube.

The AMS lite also features Bambu RFID readers for automatic filament synchronization. It can detect and sync Bambu filament types with Bambu Studio, and automatically optimize the printer profile accordingly.

3. Silent in action, subtle in appearance

The A1 Mini utilizes an innovative Active Motor Noise Cancellation technology to effectively reduce motor movement noise, resulting in a quiet operation. Upon powering up the A1 mini for the first time, there will be a motor calibration process to calibrate the vibration characteristics of the specific motors in your unit. After
calibration, the motor driver will actively cancel out part of the noise, similar to the latest headphones.

The A1 mini has a subtle color scheme and an elegant, clean CMF design. Designed to be a timeless appliance, the A1 mini features a relatively small footprint that can fit into various environments, slightly larger than the A4 paper size.


The A1 mini features all-metal rails and linear bearings. Compared to traditional plastic V-wheels, all-metal rails provide extra rigidity and accuracy. More importantly, it requires very little tuning and maintenance, which is a key obstacle for beginners.

The drive system of the A1 mini is cover- protected to help prevent accidents and unwanted particles from dropping in. In particular, the covered Z-axis keeps your hands clean from the dirty screw rod.

The A1 mini has one of the most advanced filament monitoring systems. Most 3D printers have filament runout sensors to detect the presence of filament. The A1 mini goes beyond that by measuring the existence of filament, its speed and odometry, the tension above the extruder, and the pressure under the extruder. This allows people to monitor filament runout, tangles on the spool and slips on the extruder.

The intelligent system keeps an eye on everything and can pause the print when any problem is detected. Additionally, the HMS system can easily pinpoint the problem.

5. Print Fast With Exceptional Quality

A1 mini can print at 500mm/s with the top acceleration at 10000 mm/s2.
The A1 mini performs vibration calibration for both the X and Y axes at the beginning of every print to ensure high-speed printing accuracy. Unlike other printers on the market which use preset values that remain unchanged, the A1 mini calibrates the values before every print, taking into account the tension of the printer and the temperature of the environment.

An Eddy Current sensor is implemented at the hotend to measure the extrusion pressure before printing. This actively compensates the extrusion flow rate, ensuring stable extrusion throughout the printing process.

6. Easy to maintain

The A1 mini features a Quick Swap Hotend. There is only one clip to remove for hotend removal. The entire hotend swap process can be completed in less than 30 seconds, and no electronic connector is involved.

The Bambu HMS code system is like the OBD2 for 3D printers. Specific problems can be easily diagnosed by looking up the code.

We have designed all the consumable parts to be modular and easy to swap. Getting replacement parts is also super convenient and affordable.

Mystery Box

A random mystery box is included in each package of the A1 mini combo(retail version). Please use Bambu Handy App to scan the QR code on the mystery box for further instructions (3D prints may be required)

Color Swatch

A collection of Bambu filament colors is included in the package, showcasing the available colors in PLA, ABS, and PETG filaments.

Bambu Lab A1 Mini vs. Prusa Mini+


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