BREAKING: Bambu Lab P1S - New 3D Printer Model

Bambu Lab has just teased a new 3D printer on their social media platforms:

"Introducing the P1S, the latest addition to the incredible Bambu Lab P1 series! Stay tuned for all the exciting updates and let Us know your expectations in the comments below. ~ Bambu"

This new 3D printer appears to be an imporved version of their already popular Bambu Lab P1P model. The teaser image shows the printer to be fully enclosed, suggesting it may be an improved iteration of the P1P.

Bambu Lab P1S Rumors and Features:

Bambu Lab P1S: Bridging the Gap Between X1 and P1P

The Bambu Lab P1S might be the perfect mid-step between the X1 and the P1P, skillfully balancing the prominent features of both models. However, it does appear to feature the more basic touch controls rather than the more appealing color touch display. 

Fully Enclosed: New Enclosure Add-on?

We have yet to determine if this new P1S enclosure will be available as an add-on for existing P1P users. Having the ability to upgrade the P1P with a pre-made enclosure will appeal to many customers.

The P1S may feature a lower-cost plastic enclosure instead of the high-quality aluminum enclosure that the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon boasts.


There appears to be no official release regarding the price of the Bambu Lab P1S. However, it isn't a stretch to assume it will fall somewhere between the X1 and the P1P. Our current estimate is roughly $699 USD. (UPDATE: we nailed the pricing before anyone else. It is indeed $699)

When will Bambu Lab release a bigger 3D printer?

Many fans of Bambu Lab printers are hoping for a larger format 3D printer. While 256mm x 256mm x 256mm is decent, it can still be very limiting for some users. The P1S appears to have the same build volume as the X1 and the P1P, so we will have to wait longer for a bigger Bambu printer.

When will more details be announced?

The P1S will be officially revealed in a "few days." 



Updated July 12th, 2023 

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